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6 Simple Ideas for Looking and Feeling Your Best (by Cheryl Conklin)

Today we have a guest blog from Cheryl Conklin. Cheryl is sharing 6 Simple Ideas for Looking and Feeling Your Best.

“You know the basics for wellness: Get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, and minimize stress. What if there were other, simpler ways in which you could boost your physical and mental health? Check out the six ideas below for looking and feeling your best, and start with a single small step.

1. Track Your Water Intake

If you’re someone who forgets to drink water until you’re absolutely parched, upping your intake could dramatically change your life. According to the Mayo Clinic, not everyone needs exactly eight glasses per day, but this is a good guideline to get you started. If you live in an extremely dry or hot climate, you’ll need more fluids, but if you don’t participate in vigorous exercise, you may not need that much.

Drinking more water will boost your skincare routine and help you feel alert during your work hours. Start by downloading a habit-tracking app that lets you see the progress you’ve made throughout the day. Some hydration apps have cute and creative ways of keeping you on track, such as letting you fill up an imaginary glass of water each time you drink one in real life. 

2. Invest in Your Education

While switching careers may not be practical for you at this moment, it’s important to consider your mental health while at your job. If you find your career too stressful or else not challenging enough and would like to change, consider enrolling in a part-time online degree. Ensure that your chosen school is regionally accredited with competitive tuition rates before applying.

3. Create a Healthier Home Space

If your home is disorganized, messy, and full of clutter, this can bring on negativity and a lack of focus. Take steps to clean your home from top to bottom, toss items you no longer need or use, and let in more natural light. These simple measures can reduce complaining, criticizing, and arguing in your household. 

4. Wear the Right Colors

Do you have a closet full of black clothes because darker shades look great on you — or is it because it’s easy to coordinate? Some people intuitively know their best colors, while others struggle to match their fabrics to their skin tone. If you’re unsure of what brings out your best features and makes you look rested and confident, invest in a color analysis or consult with a stylist to discover a quick hack for instantly looking your best.

5. Find a Way To Laugh

Laughter truly can be the best medicine. Find simple ways to smile throughout the day with your kids, laugh with friends about something ridiculous that happened 10 years ago, or enjoy how your new puppy bounces up and down whenever he tries to catch a ball. Taking time to notice simple things that bring you joy can lower your stress levels, which can, in turn, help you feel more relaxed, sleep better, and stay healthier.

6. Connect With a Friend

Have you ever noticed the dip in your mental health that comes from spending too much time alone without connection to others? Maintaining positive social connections is extremely important — even for the most introverted people. Take the time to check in with friends or family members by way of a phone call, text, or in-person visit and ask them how they’re doing instead of waiting until the next time you see them. Being kind to others has been shown to improve mental health.

It may seem like a Herculean task to get in shape or to improve your mental health, but you don’t have to do a lot of work to experience better mental and physical wellness. Simply focus on smaller acts, one at a time, to look and feel your best.”

Many thanks to Cheryl Conklin for writing this Guest blog featuring 6 Simple Ideas for Looking and Feeling Your Best. If you would like to hear more from Cheryl check out her own website.

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