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A change is as good as a rest

A change is as good as a rest, they say

A change is as good as a rest, they say (whoever ‘they’ are). That is how the saying goes and it is often true.  On holiday recently, I enjoyed the change of scenery and a break from my routine.  Like many, I had not had a holiday for a while, due to the pandemic (and also due to family reasons, in my case).  However, that change in your life does not need to be a holiday – it can just be a change from your normal routine.

Do something different

If you find that you lack motivation, think of what you can do differently.  Sometimes it can be changing the thing that you are doing, such as you may want to exercise more, but you are not enjoying your trips to the gym – perhaps walking or even running is more suitable for you?  Or perhaps, like many, you feel more motivated with group activities?  Why not look out for a class near you or join a group where the other members have shared interests.  Try looking on the Meetup platform and other event platforms.  You can join groups for free on Meetup and just pay for events when you attend (others are free to attend).

Offer something different

If you run a business and you sometimes feel stuck look at other things that you can do.  Can you offer other goods or services, can you promote what you do differently, or do a different audience?  Could you benefit from a business coach or mentor to help you move forward?  Sometimes we just need to be creative in our thinking and our processes to gain that clarity and inspiration.

Take that screen break

As we all know, it is not good for us to sit at a screen all day.  Take regular breaks, try to get some fresh air and perhaps do some other type of work in-between computer work if you can.  Sometimes when we are busy we just carry on without taking the breaks that we should do.  We feel that we do not have the time to stop.  However, taking that break can help you feel more focused afterward so you will likely be more productive.

Share skills

If you feel that you need regular inspiration and someone to help you with ideas, partner up with someone who has other skills, particularly good if you are a new business owner.  Sometimes you may wish to swap services which is a good idea if you can both benefit from this arrangement.

Plan your time wisely

Also, have a diary so that you can plan your week.  Look at having time out for yourself, for that self-care and to break up your normal routine.  Possibly on a monthly basis, at least, try to have a day or two out to do something different such as a day trip out or perhaps a weekend break even.  It can just be a day out into nature to recharge your batteries and it does not need to cost a fortune.

How have you introduced change into your life?

Please feel free to let me know what you have done to introduce change in your life – is it in relation to finding more time for self-care, or is it in re-arranging your ‘To do’ list into different types of tasks to make your work more interesting by adding more variation into your day?

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