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A Question of Perception

How perception can cloud your thoughts

Today I am addressing the subject of perception and how it can cloud your thoughts.  Often your perception about someone is different from their view of themselves.  It is also likely to be different from another person’s view.  What I am getting to, is that our perceptions are just our own views about somebody (or something) and not necessarily factual.  Our perceptions can be biased. It is likely that none of our perceptions is entirely accurate! It is all a question of perception.

We may have an unconscious bias

We may have an unconscious bias towards others; often this is due to past experiences we have had, which can be good or bad. For example, we may feel more favourable towards somebody who reminds us of ourself!  Similarly, we can have an unfavourable unconscious bias against somebody who is quite different from us.  That difference could be in terms of somebody coming from a different social class, ethnicity, etc. This is where we need to be very careful.  Judging people according to these biases means that we are being prejudiced.  This can then affect our behaviour and can lead to all sorts of repercussions.  You can imagine that it may result in a manager not choosing the best candidate in a job interview, for example. Remember, it is all a question of perception, in this case, causing a poor choice to be made.

Question your perception

The main purpose of this blog is to suggest that you question your thoughts.  We often think that our thoughts are real when they are usually just our opinion or perception. Therefore, what I am recommending is that you keep an open mind when you meet somebody new.  Try not to judge them, which is not always easy, I realise.  We all have our own prejudices that we need to be aware of. It is best to avoid making quick judgements about people.  After all, who are we to judge others? If you need help with developing a more positive, accepting mindset you may wish to access my services.

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