About JL Consultancy

My name is Julie Lightfoot. In 2014, I decided to walk away from a career as a civil servant. I then began a new chapter in my life. After working in HR and Training for over 20 years, I began to look elsewhere. I started to explore how I could use my skill-set within my own business. It was then that JL Consultancy was born. I offer Coaching Programmes, and other interventions, to help you to succeed and meet your goals.

JL Consultancy is a Preston based coaching and training service. It is for those, who, like me, have a passion for Personal Development and lifelong learning. Using skills gained from countless training programmes, hours of reading and research, and from my coaching and training experience, I am able to bring you a fresh perspective to help you achieve more.

Don’t just take my word for it. Why not book for a free no-obligation consultation and find out for yourself? Whether you require Personal/Professional Development or Health and Wellbeing Coaching, I can help! I work as a Life Coach and Mentor, as well as utilise Coaching Programmes to help you to achieve more out of life. You may wish to improve your emotional intelligence or change habits by utilising the habit change methodology that I coach you in. Why not avoid procrastination and contact me today? Start setting realistic goals and taking actions towards changing your life. Do it now, rather than just dream about it, and it will make all the difference!

Why choose JL Consultancy for your Coaching Programmes?

JL Consultancy is:

  • Passionate about your Personal and Professional development.
  • Passionate about Empowering you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.
  • Very experienced in helping you, the client, to achieve your goals.
  • Very focused on helping you to change your life by making the changes that you desire to make.

My Coaching Programmes help you with…

  • Creating a more positive mindset so that you feel happier in life
  • Feeling more empowered so that you can achieve more
  • Setting SMART goals that you are able to both meet and exceed
  • Taking action and eliminating procrastination
  • Becoming more confident so that you develop greater self-esteem
  • Looking after your mental health and becoming more resilient
  • Looking after your physical health (in relation to lifestyle and weight-management)
  • Reinventing yourself after a major life change, so that you are able to make a new start in life
  • Increasing your employability skills so that you can more easily find the right role for you.

Specific areas of expertise and what we can offer you…

  • Health and Wellbeing Coaching to help with leading a healthier lifestyle
  • Weight-loss, using Sum Sanos Coaching Programmes
  • Life Coaching so that you can feel more fulfilled in life
  • Personal/Professional Development, including YB12 Coaching Programmes to aid your self-development
  • Employability Coaching to enable you to gain the right role for you
  • Mental Health Awareness Training to help you manage stress and anxiety
  • Mentoring to enable you to succeed in life
  • Writing Personal and Professional Development articles to enable others to feel more fulfilled in their lives
  • Small group events to enable you to be able to learn in a comfortable setting
  • Online training and coaching to enable you to learn from your own home
  • Programme work-books that you can keep and refer to following the programme.
  • Programmes incorporating a variety of learning styles in order to meet your individual needs
  • Learning from special guest speakers at our Meetup events
  • Accountability so that you make progress on the programme in order to meet your goals