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We thought that we would make accountability the subject of this blog as we feel it often plays a big part in whether we achieve success or not. When we set goals we should make a commitment to ourselves to achieve those goals. We need to come from a mind-set that we are certainly going to succeed. If we have self-doubt we are much more likely to falter along the way.

It is all down to that positive thinking again and controlling those ‘mind monkeys’ which we so often talk about. As well as having that personal commitment to achieving our goals, it is a good idea to be accountable to others. Why? The reason is that we are more likely to let ourselves down than others. It is all down to that self-doubt and negative self-talk – and that old enemy procrastination of course!

To make ourselves accountable to others we need to share our goals with them. We need to be able to follow-up with these people, preferably at an agreed time and place, to update them on our achievements and our current progress in relation to our goals. Accountability partners can be friends, family members, coaches or business contacts who we trust. They can also be clients of course!

We have a few accountability partners here at JL Consultancy. For weekly goals we are part of an accountability group of fellow-coaches. For developmental goals, we are accountable to both business mentors and senior coaches including the owner of an international coaching company. However, as we have just said, it can be family or friends –as long as it is someone who you feel accountable to and who wishes to support you on your journey.

As always, we are very interested in your views on this subject so please get in touch if you have anything to add!

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