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Achieving your dreams

Achieving your dreams, a blog by Carmen Jimenez Aragonés

Hi! My name is Carmen and I am an international final-year marketing student. For the past 10 weeks, I have worked alongside Julie in the role as a marketing intern. In my free time, I like to learn about self-growth which is why I offered to write a blog about my personal experience. I have called it Achieving your dreams.

I chose achieving your dream life as the main focus of the blog. When I was a kid, I had big dreams, dreams that evolved over time and changed. Some of them I have probably forgotten at this point but others I have achieved and when I think back to my younger self it feels me with joy and pride.

Visualise it

The first step to make things happen is to know what you want. It may seem quite obvious but you need to know what kind of life you want. Now, this varies depending on the person. Find what brings you joy, what that makes you nervous and what brings a spark in your eyes.

At the age of 12, I wrote how I wanted to study in a foreign country, have friends from all over the world and get a C1 English level. I recently found that diary and I realised all those goals I have accomplished. However, only by knowing that is what I want i can direct time and energy towards that.

It does not matter whether it seems realistic or not. It is about knowing what you want for yourself. Picture your desired life, how you would like to dress, eat, move, where you would like to live, what do your days look like…

You can write it all down, make a vision board, record a video. Make sure you have it all somewhere to go back and see it.

Make the plan

Now it is the time to plan. You can probably convert that vision into big goals, then break them down into smaller ones and finally into tiny habits that can make a big difference on your life long term.

For example, one of my biggest goals is to do a month-long yoga teacher training in Bali. Right now, I do not have the money, time, or ability to make it happen instantly. I broke that big goal down into: saving the money for 2024, getting an online yoga qualification and finding a job after university that will allow me to do so. This translates on daily habits such as: apply and look for jobs weekly, keep a monthly budget and practice yoga and meditation daily.

Suddenly, that goal which seem really far away and hard to achieve is divided into manageable pieces. Little steps I can take everyday and instead of getting overwhelmed, I can work at a slow but steady pace towards it.

Achieving your dreams: Do it

This is the moment of truth. This is the step where you make things happen. Stop the planning and just start. Most of the time it is better to simply start and it is what will get you results. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Some days you may be more productive and others less, just take little steps until you reach the place you want to be in.

Notes from Julie

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