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Affirmations help with positive thinking

Why use Affirmations for positive thinking?

Affirmations help with positive thinking and personal development. They help you to overcome any self-limiting beliefs that you may have which stop you moving forward in your life. You can look for an Affirmation that relates to your own development or you can make your own up. 

How to set your Affirmations

Ideally, Affirmations should be in the present tense, personal statements. For example, to increase your confidence you should say “I am a very confident person”. Don’t say “I want to become more confident”. The reason for this is that we have spent years reinforcing the negative self-beliefs that limit us in life. We need to reverse that negative thinking. We need to train our brain into believing we are something that we may not be feeling. For example, confident, in order to start the process of becoming more confident. The more we tell ourselves we are something (good or bad) the more we will be. We need to change our thinking in order to become what we want to be. This helps us to replace the negative thinking patterns that we have established that limit our personal growth.

When saying Affirmations to ourselves, we must say them often. For example, try saying them to yourself 50 times in the morning and 50 times before you go to bed. Our brains are usually more receptive at these times. Remember Affirmations help with positive thinking – but we need to practise using them regularly.

Your progress with using Affirmations for positive thinking

Let me know how you get on if you start practising daily Affirmations. I would also like you to let me know what your favourite Affirmations are. I aim to add some more to my collection! Also, you may wish to check out JL Consultancy’s two Affirmation videos on YouTube. Finally, please check out our other blogs on this website for help on the subject of positive thinking.

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