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Change your focus; change your life

Something that I have noticed in my clients and other people I know is just how much their perception of life events affects how happy (or not) they are in their lives. I think that this relates to the glass half-full/glass half-empty scenario that I have discussed before. I talk a lot about this as I really believe it to be true and have witnessed in both myself and others how we can change our lives by changing our belief system. When we focus on the negative it makes us more negative; when we focus on the positive we will become more positive.

Positive thinking is not about saying that everything is wonderful – but is about appreciating what is wonderful (or even just fairly good) in our lives and focusing on that rather than the things that are not. It is about doing our best to create a more fulfilling life for ourselves and others whilst at the same time accepting what we cannot change, rather than letting it become the reason for our unhappiness.

If you practice positive thinking, it will help you in times of trouble, as well as in everyday life as you will be much more likely to bounce back when things do go wrong. You will not dwell in negativity but be more open to seeing how you can make the situation better or indeed accept it if it is something that you have no control over. You will feel much more empowered in your own life as you are taking responsibility for how you react to life’s events and you will realise that it is not just what happens to you that affects your happiness, but more so, how you deal with it.

Why not choose to feel more in control of your life by choosing your response? Try it out, and don’t forget to let me know, how it helps you

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