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Change your mind(set) to embrace change

Flexibility is the key when setting goals

I help clients to set goals.  I also advise that often life does not go to plan; they may have to change their goals.  We cannot see into the future; the unexpected happens.  The ones who thrive are those who are flexible. Flexibility is the key so if you are struggling, do you need to make some changes in your life?  Many people are stuck in old ways of thinking, often dwelling on past events. They do not want to move forward or are afraid to.  Is this you?  I regularly help people to learn that they can change their mind(set) to embrace change. Have you learned this lesson yet?

Learn to embrace change

I have realised that we create our own happiness in life.  Those who are the unhappiest when things do not go according to plan are those that expect life to run smoothly.  These people have set mindsets that cannot easily be changed.  Consequently, they are upset when unexpected things happen. These people believe that circumstances happen to them that should not.  They also believe that life should be fair when clearly it is not.  People like this also usually believe that they are the victims of what the world throws at them.  They relinquish control and responsibility with this view.  They need to learn how to embrace change.

Changing your perception

If you are feeling out of control, do you think that this is due to your perception of life?  If so, are you willing to try to change that?  I love helping my clients to move forward and appreciate that it is not always easy on your own. However, I am pleased to tell you that with self-awareness, and practice this something that you can do. I help my clients to do it all the time.

Set goals to enable you to ‘Thrive to survive’

The people that thrive in these circumstances are the ones that take a more flexible approach when setting goals.  They welcome change and adapt to it easily.  They see change as a challenge that they will readily rise to.  Are you one of these people?  These are the type of people who have used the recent lockdown to do things that they would not normally have time to do, to set new goals and embrace the opportunity that the extra time has given them.  They are the type of business owners who have adapted their businesses in order to survive in these uncertain times. They have learnt how to thrive to survive.

Remove the fear of change

I admit that I used to fear change but find that I am much more flexible now.  This is due to events in my life, various job roles I have done and studying personal development material.  I like the old saying “The only constant in life is change” (Heraclitus). I help clients to expect change, be prepared for it and be better able to manage it when it comes. Due to working with me, clients are able to drop their fear of change. As a result, they are able to live happier and more fulfilled lives. I love making such a difference in peoples lives. I love helping them as a result of my own experience in this area.

Help in managing the challenge of change

Do you rise to the challenge of change or shy away from it?  If you need help in managing change, please do give me a call or send me a message.  You may wish to attend one of my free sessions to help you look at things in a different way?  I help clients to set goals to improve their lives.

Whatever you do, please look at helping yourself as it makes life a lot easier, when you expect and embrace change. 

This post is adapted from a post that I shared on LinkedIn on 5th August 2020. You may also wish to read my earlier blog post on managing change to enable your life to be better.

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