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Christmas cheer?

Staying cheerful in challenging times

The subject of my blog post today is ‘Staying cheerful in challenging times’.  I wanted to focus on this at this time of the year as after everything that has been happening in recent years, not everyone (who celebrates Christmas) will be looking forward to Christmas, due to the state of the economy which is affecting many people’s day to day life in terms of stretching their budget.  This is an everyday impact without the worries of having to spend more at Christmas, on things such as presents, cards, special food, drink and inviting the family around.  The anticipation of this can really affect how people are feeling right now as they are imagining those credit card bills in the new year.  However, does it need to be like this?  There are things that you can do to reduce your expenditure if you think about things a little differently.

For those worried about the cost of Christmas

You may feel that you need to give presents at Christmas, but do you?  If you are struggling to make ends meet, perhaps say to family and friends that you are not giving presents this Christmas.  If you think that you will feel obliged to get presents for people at Christmas if they get you presents, ask them not to get you presents.  Most people will understand and, after all, they may be in the same situation and may be pleased that you have suggested this.

Get creative this Christmas

If you do want to give presents, perhaps make your own as these can often cost less than buying presents?  You may be good at knitting and have unused wool in the house, so why not knit scarves for friends as a friend of mine has done previously?  People usually appreciate receiving a home-made gift.  You may be good at baking so could perhaps make cakes or biscuits with things that you may already have in your cupboard?  Think about your skills and what you already have in your house or what you can buy cheaply to get creative with your presents.

You could tell friends that you are not giving cards this Christmas.  You can pay an amount to charity of what you can afford instead.  It doesn’t have to be the amount that you would spend on cards, and you will be saving the cost of postage as well which is quite a significant saving if you normally send a lot of cards through the post.  Those who are creative may wish to make their own cards, again with materials that you may already have in your house, as a friend of mine does. Why not give this a try if you have not done this before?

If you are really struggling to make ends meet at the moment, perhaps tell people you will take them out or buy them a gift when you are in a better financial situation?  Those close to you should understand.

If you really feel that you want to buy gifts, you may be able to pick up some bargains at local charity shops or car boot sales.  Use your initiative and start to think differently if you are used to spending a lot at Christmas, but are unable to this year.

For those alone

If you live alone, why not get together with others in your situation and share the cost of the Christmas Day meal?  You will be able to reduce the cost of your energy consumption too if you are able to take turns over the Christmas period going to different households.  If you have no friends who are in your situation, look out for groups and events that you can attend so you are not alone at Christmas. 

There may be things happening at your local church or community centre perhaps?  Or why not invite one of your neighbors around who is also alone?  Perhaps even someone that you don’t really know that well who may be feeling lonely?  Alternatively, you could help by serving meals to the homeless or other vulnerable groups (via a charity) or help out in a different way for a charity that supports people over Christmas.  There is nothing like helping others out who may be in a worse situation than yourself for making you feel more grateful for what you have.  Why not try it if you are feeling a little down or lonely?

Forget your worries

I know that this is easier said than done!  What I mean by this is that often we worry about a situation (the state of the economy, for example) actually worrying about it makes us feel worse.  Try to develop a positive mindset and this will help you feel better, even in challenging times.  Check out the other information on my website about having a positive mindset.  It really does make a difference.  If you need a little more inspiration try joining my Facebook group ‘Taming Mind Monkeys’.  Feel free to ask for a free session via the communication channel on this web- site if you feel you just need a little help in getting back your positivity.  However, if you have more urgent needs please refer to the paragraph below.

Ask for support

If you need urgent help or support please ask for help.  Family members and friends may be your first point of call but depending on what it is you need help with, here are a few useful organisations that you may wish to contact, especially if you need more specialist help…


Mental Health support

Mind (Mental Health support)

Universal Credit

Alternatively, you may need to seek medical help if you are feeling in a low mood.  Please contact your GP for help unless you need more urgent help – if so you may find the above numbers useful.

I do hope that you will be able to feel peace at Christmas – which is what it is all about, isn’t it?

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