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Continuing the theme of self-esteem…

Continuing the theme of self-esteem

Continuing the theme of self-esteem – I would like to relate it now to achieving success.  Much has been happening since my last blog –much of it in relation to my work on self-esteem. 

The song ‘You are enough (more than enough)’ is now my ringtone!  It is only available for Apple phones at the moment (a good job that both of my phones are Apple ones!)

I was asked to do a presentation recently at the Roots Connection Network event and I chose self-esteem as the subject of my talk due to my recent work around this subject.  The event is largely attended by holistic therapists and others working in the health and wellbeing field.  My presentation went down really well.  It had been a while since I have delivered a presentation at someone else’s live event.

Other successes

Student support

I have recently taken on a student as part of the Unite Plus scheme which is a short-term paid placement opportunity for a University student.  A recruitment process was undertaken as part of the scheme and there were many applicants.  Carmen was the successful applicant and she is bringing lots of fresh ideas to the table already.  In her placement she will be looking at getting more business clients for me.

Becoming an Associate Tutor

I started doing some different work as an Associate Tutor for a learning company and have just passed my training for that and will be assessing CIPD assessments from next week so that is something new for me but takes me back to my HR roots and my CIPD days.  I will be issuing assessment decisions and feedback and of course will be doing it in a way to encourage students to develop if they need to make changes to any of their work.  It is important not to demotivate students but tell them how they can gain a higher mark if they need to re-do any of their work, in a constructive and positive approach. 

New Programmes

Soon, I will be offering a new goal-setting programme to business clients which will be going on my website shortly.  I purchased the programme a while ago but have not yet offered it to clients so I am looking forward to being able to offer this new service to this client group who want to work on their goal achievement in a business/organisational setting.

I recently started running a programme called ‘Renew You’ for some individual clients.  This service will be advertised on my website soon.  The clients who have completed it recently really thought that it helped them to become focused on what they could do to develop good practices to achieve more in their life, including what they needed to eliminate in their life.

10 Tips to help you become successful…

  1.  Work on your mindset
  2. Get organised and focus on what you wish to achieve
  3. Remove the things from your life that are not serving you well.
  4. Look at the things that help motivate you and try to do more of them.
  5. Remember that all important self-care and ensure that you have a healthy work/life balance.
  6. Don’t be frightened to approach someone for help if you need it.
  7. If things aren’t working out for you, don’t give up – is there anything that you can do differently?
  8. Find inspiration from people that you look up to that will encourage you to move forward.
  9. Focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses.
  10. Do a suitable programme/course to help you move forward.

Please do feel free to get in touch and let me know how you are doing.  If you would like to attend my free taster on mindset and goal setting or alternatively the one on weight-loss please feel free to get in touch also.  Please do share your own successes with me and also let me know what has helped you develop your self-esteem. 

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