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Do you regularly challenge yourself?

Do you regularly challenge yourself?

Do you regularly challenge yourself? I have recently signed up and am about two-thirds into an online course to help me with visibility and marketing on social media as I have come to realise, as many have, that despite face-to-face networking and events now being possible, there are also benefits in both marketing and delivering coaching and training on social media.  This has been challenging for me, in more ways than one…

Why do I continue to challenge myself to grow?

I am very much an advocate of lifelong learning and love learning new things and developing myself, both personally and professionally.  After all, it is what I help others with, so I need to challenge myself to grow, too!

Going live!

In the course that I am currently undertaking, we were set a challenge to increase our visibility and confidence. We had to ‘go live’ (do a live video) on a social media channel for 21 days. It could be about anything; it was the doing that was the main goal. I completed my 21-day challenge recently, which I chose to do on my Facebook page. I then shared the videos into my Facebook group, which is a closed group.

Planning is key with any challenge

I devised a system of planning my challenge to make it seem less onerous. I wrote themes and a few bullet points on 21 small post-it notes and then rearranged them on a clipboard in the order of delivery. Prior to each day’s ‘live’ I wrote a few notes for myself to have at hand in case I dried up. 

My experience of the challenge

The days where I was delivering the lives flew by.  I became more confident at delivering the lives and really feel that I managed to get out of my comfort zone and in some ways, I was quite sad when the last day came as the lives had started to become a habit.  More importantly, I had supplied some valuable tips to my audience to help them achieve more in their lives. I would like to invite you to look back at my 21-days of Facebook lives, which were all centred around the theme of helping you move forward in your life and you can access them by joining my Facebook group which is called ‘Taming Mind Monkeys’.

Now, over to you…

Now over to you, what have you done to challenge yourself recently? What was the outcome? Do you regularly challenge yourself in new ways so that you can develop yourself? Do the mind monkeys (the negative thoughts) keep getting in your way so that you do not achieve what you desire? I can help you with this, if so. I would like to invite you to a free session to help you move forward in your life. Please request it here and I will be in touch with available times/dates.  I will deliver the session online unless you are in my local area (Preston) where I am happy to arrange a face-to-face session.  Do not procrastinate – act NOW!!!

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