Eliminating Self Doubt

Many of us experience Self-Doubt in our lives to varying degrees. Some of us experience it much of the time; others less – it may depend on the situation we are in or who we are with. Eliminating Self-Doubt is not always easy to do, but it is worth it.

Where does Self-Doubt come from? As with all self-limiting beliefs it is likely to have come from the past. Eliminating Self-Doubt needs to start with considering the cause. It could be that a parent or teacher or other person told us, when we were young, that we were not good at a particular thing or made us feel unworthy about wanting to achieve something – perhaps an exciting career, for example. When we are told things like this, we often ‘re-play’ these things in our minds and convince ourselves that they are true – often they are not.

What often stops us achieving in life is not the lack of ability in a given area, but our self-doubt about it. Isn’t that a shame? Self-doubt stops people from pursuing their dreams and creating a more exciting life for themselves!

Eliminating Self-Doubt begins by self-analysis, so that we understand which areas in our life we have Self-Doubt about and we can then consider what our thoughts are in that area. For example if we have Self-Doubt in something like being able to stand up and deliver a presentation, for example, what are the negative thoughts that we are thinking? They are likely to be things like “I might forget my words”, “I might be boring” and “I will be so nervous I won’t do well”. We need to re-frame our thinking around this (i.e. replace our negative thoughts with positive ones). If we are able, we could seek help to make us more competent in a certain area. For example, have public speaking training if we have to do presentations. Daily affirmations will help and if we practice, plan and prepare well, we will ensure that we are more likely to succeed.