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Further help to get you through self-isolation or lockdown

Stop watching the news!

I wish to provide you with further help to get you through self-isolation or lockdown. I know that these days it is extremely hard to get away from the news.  I know that some people are watching/listening to the news several times a day.  Our main focus may be on Coronavirus as it is so prevalent in the news.  Try to reduce how much you watch it or avoid it altogether if it is not helping your mood. Many people have concerns about the recent easing of lockdown and this is quite understandable.  We are afraid that there is likely to be a ‘second wave’.  All that we can do, is play our own part in remembering to act responsibly. The more people that do this, the more the virus will be under control.

Get some fresh air

You may be one of the people who have been shielding who are now being allowed out of the house for the first time since lockdown.  If so, you may be fearful about going out for the first time, which is entirely understandable.  You are best taking this in small steps.  Go out for a short walk initially, I would suggest. You will need to remember that you need to be especially careful about social distancing.  However, fresh air is good for you so try to get some. If you do not feel comfortable going out, at least try to sit outside in your garden/yard. 

Appreciate your pets more during lockdown

Appreciate your pets if you have them.  Your pets will have been great company for you, especially if you live alone and have been shielding. You may be going back to work soon, so it may be useful to try to stop spending quite as much time with your pet/s. Your faithful companions need to get used to you not being in the house quite as much as you have been of late.  I saw this advice in a newspaper in relation to cats.  I believe, however, that dogs may be the ones that are affected by the change more, as cats are normally more self-sufficient.

Make a vision board to help you plan for life after lockdown

I have mentioned before about the value of having plans and setting goals.  Having a vision board is a visual reminder of what you are aiming to achieve in the future.  It can be made up of photos, newspaper/magazine cuttings or positive quotes that serve as constant reminders to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. Make it by either using a corkboard or just even on a large piece of cardboard.  Remember to put your vision board up where you can see it. It will help you be focused on moving forward to a more positive future.  You need to concentrate on what you wish to achieve and visualise it happening. However, of course, you do need to start taking the smaller steps, to achieve your goals. At this current time, that could be just doing the planning due to the restrictions.

Why not try photography?- Creative pursuits really help us during the lockdown

One of the things that I have enjoyed doing during my daily walks is taking photographs of my local area in Preston.  I have varied the walks and some have been in local parks and some on the docks in Preston. Others have been in my surrounding urban area. This is when I combine my exercise with a purpose like going to collect something from a local shop or picking up medication for an elderly relative).  I have also seen on Facebook a video about a photographer who has been taking socially distanced photos of people passing his house. He did this to record the current period for the future.  You obviously need to ask peoples’ permission if you are thinking of doing this, as he did!

The above is an edited version of an article I wrote for Podio magazine recently, an organisation where I volunteer. It is designed to provide you with further help for getting through self-isolation or lockdown. Please do let me have your own tips about how you are coping with the current situation and check out my previous blogs. They provide further help to get you through self-isolation or lockdown.

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