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Getting back to ‘normality’

Why getting back to ‘normality’ can be difficult…

With the lockdown easing, we are now taking gradual steps in getting back to ‘normality’. We are now in the second half of the year; for me, the first part has gone quickly.  However, I appreciate that, due to recent circumstances, it may not have been the case for many. 

When we celebrated New Year, little did we know what 2020 had in store for us.  No-one can deny that 2020 has brought many challenges.  This has been difficult for many people and many do need extra support at the current time. With the lockdown easing, we do need to look at taking gradual steps to help us in getting back to ‘normality’. This will be easier for some than others.

What have been your personal challenges?

People who live alone, in particular, especially those who have had to shield, may find that the days have dragged.  Others have found that family relationships may have been strained during the lockdown.  I am lucky that I have been able to work at home and my partner and I are still talking!

Rising to the challenge when getting back to normality

Lockdown has been a challenging time for most of us, to differing degrees.  Also, returning to some sort of normality brings additional fears for some, as it is yet another change for us.  We are now going into what people are saying is a ‘new normal’.

Reach out if you need to talk

If you are feeling anxious or fearful, I would urge you to reach out to someone that can help.  If you cannot talk to family or friends, you may benefit from talking to a professional.  The type of professional that you need to talk to will vary. For example, some will benefit from talking to a counsellor.  Others, who need help moving forward, may find that a coach can support them with this.

Happy to talk if you need help in getting back to ‘normality’…

I love being a coach as I can help people break down mental barriers. I enjoy being able to help them to find empowerment in their lives.  If you wish, I am happy to have a chat with you to see if I can help you. If I think that you need different help, I am happy to recommend others to support you.  Whatever you do, please reach out if you need to talk to someone.  There is plenty of help out there if you choose to look for it. Remember, you don’t need to take that journey in getting back to ‘normality’ by yourself.

This blog post is adapted from an article that I wrote that appeared on LinkedIn on 01.07.20.

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