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Handling Failure positively

The best way to start handling failure positively

I thought that I would talk to you today about handling failure.  After all, we all fail in our lives sometimes, don’t we?  It is human nature to sometimes fail! What we need to do is learn from failure. We need to start handling failure positively in order to move forward. We need to see it as a stepping stone to success.

Failure often leads to success

What makes the difference between someone that might be considered a failure in life and someone that you would probably think of as successful is that they have not given up in their efforts to succeed.  Many people have failed many times before they became successful, and it is sometimes amazing just how many times they have failed.  It is worth looking into the histories of some of the famous people that you would consider successful – when you do you will find that often success did not happen overnight for them and they failed at things many times before they became successful.  This is something that the rest of us do not always appreciate.

Have the correct mindset and learn from failure

People with a negative mindset often get disillusioned by failure whilst those with a positive mindset use it to springboard their success.  We may know people who are very good at bouncing back in the face of adversity and wonder how they do this time after time.  It is all down to mindset and resilience.

It’s all about perception

Like many things, how we view failure is all about perception.  Having a positive mindset doesn’t mean that we never fail – everyone does from time to time (and often a lot more often!)  It means that we can handle our failures in a much more productive way and learn from them.  By learning from our failures and not getting despondent over them we can learn to change our behaviours so that we are much more likely to succeed in the future.  Therefore, consider failure as an important step in the journey to success!  So, embracing this new way of thinking, I wish you “Happy Failures” – embrace your failures and learn from them!

Another point to consider is if we succeeded at everything we set out to do the first time, success would come easy and not be as valuable when it does come! If you have enjoyed reading this, please check out all my blogs that deal with failure. You may also wish to check out my Facebook page.

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