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Have you gained weight during the recent lockdowns?

Have you gained weight during the recent lockdowns?

Have you gained weight during the recent lockdowns, as many people have?  It has not been easy, has it?  I am so glad, that prior to the first lockdown, I became an authorised coach on a new weight-loss programme. Due to this, I learnt how to manage my weight the easy way.  I actually started to do the 12-month programme myself working with my own coach. I completed it early on during the initial lockdown.

The best part…

The best part about this weight-loss programme is that you aren’t told what you can or can’t eat. Neither are you told what exercise you need to do.  As a fussy eater, and someone who doesn’t like going to the gym, that would not have worked for me. 

Whether you embark on the programme as an individual or as part of a group, you set individual goals.  For example, my own coach undertook the programme himself but incorporated many different things than I did.  Some of what he chose to do would not have suited me. However, there was no expectation that I followed what he had done.  I set my own goals and made a lifestyle plan that suited me that was very different to his.

Why I embarked on the programme myself

I undertook the programme myself to improve my general health and wellbeing, and not specifically to lose weight. However, I actually found that I did lose weight, without really trying.  I did this by changing a few habits in my life such as doing short daily walks. I also started to plan my meals in advance.

It was quite easy to lose weight even during the recent lockdowns

I was surprised to find that it was quite easy to lose weight, even during the recent lockdowns. I did this without making any drastic changes.  The programme advocates this but it was good to experience it for myself!  I much preferred this new way of controlling my weight to my previous efforts. A previous weight-loss programme left me feeling very hungry and dehydrated.

Sum Sanos™ is Latin for “I am Healthy”

The name of this weight-loss programme with a difference is Sum Sanos™ (meaning ‘I am Healthy’.) I am an authorised coach able to deliver this programme. In addition, I have my own experience of being a client on the programme to draw upon, too.  I can honestly say that it is completely different from other weight-loss programmes that I am aware of. This is because it focuses on habit change and provides structure, support and accountability to help you succeed.

Exciting news and an invite to a FREE webinar!

In recent months I have been excited to be part of a collaboration of three Sum Sanos™ coaches, led by Louis Brown, who have been holding regular meetings to create an exciting webinar to offer you the opportunity to find out more about how Sum Sanos™ works, without any obligation.  Both Louis and Cheryl Taylor, who is also part of the collaboration, have had amazing results using the programme themselves. 

The webinar is taking place on 29th September at 2pm and 5pm UK time (Louis is in America and Cheryl is in Canada so we are initially delivering two events to cater for attendees in our different time zones).  I hope that you will be able to join us to find out more.  You can book onto the event via my Empowering You! Meetup group should you wish. Please select the event that better suits your availability:  Find the webinar here

Please see the Shop on my website for further details of the programmes that I deliver, including Sum Sanos™

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