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How Motivated are You?

Do you struggle with a lack of motivation?

I thought that I would write a blog on motivation after talking to a few people who say that their motivation is low.  On reflection, I know that I am lucky in that I have quite a lot of self-motivation (if it is luck – and I am not sure that it is, to be honest).  Alternatively, I know that a lot of people do struggle with motivation. I have a question that I wish to ask you – how motivated are you? Do you struggle with a lack of motivation?

Doing something that you love will help you become more motivated

I have been considering why I have the self-motivation that I have.  Is it something that I have always had?  I believe that I gained this motivation through my upbringing. In addition, I think that it was due to me developing a love for personal development.  However, doing something that I really love helps tremendously! Doing something that you love will help your motivation.

If you can do what you love doing, go for it!

At the time of writing this blog, I was working somewhere, in a very specific role, outside what I normally do.  This was a customer service type role for a part-time, very infrequent role that I do.  As it was very quiet from a customer point of view, I did not feel motivated.  Due to my very specific job role, there was nothing else I could do in respect of my paid work.  I realised that I had to create my own motivation and considered what I could do to ease the boredom. On reflection, I decided to write this blog!  I learnt, from this experience, that if motivation cannot be found in what we are doing, we may need to do something else.  If you can do what you love doing (which I do for most of the time) go for it! 

Self-motivation comes from within

In summary, life is too short to spend too long doing the things that don’t fulfil you. Self-motivation comes from within.  Find out what makes you happy – and try to do more of it.  I have found that motivation will often help you do something to a higher level of competence. You may find, like me, that you are likely to try harder to succeed if you are really motivated and inspired in what you do.  You may also find that if you are putting a task off, due to lack of motivation, you may find that once you make a start the motivation will come.  I would suggest that you try it and see and do let me know how you get on. As a result of taking action, you may surprise yourself and gain that motivation! You may then wonder why you have been procrastinating for so long!

I also suggest that you check out another blog that I have written to help you feel motivated to get things done. You may also wish to check out my Business Page on Facebook for further support. Following this, please do get in touch if you need further help. This further help could be in the form of a free informal chat.

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