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How will you be spending Christmas?

In the run-up to Christmas we thought that we would write an article to remind you to think about those that are not looking forward to the Christmas season, for whatever reason. These may be people who are on their own, who are not in good-health, who have little money to spend on presents and see others spending to excess.

It can be a particularly stressful time of year often for those with mental health conditions that may feel more anxious or depressed than normal. It is important to remember that Christmas shouldn’t be about eating and drinking to excess but about caring and sharing. Perhaps those of us who do have more than enough of life’s luxuries and are spending the Christmas period with loved ones should spare a thought for those that do not have others to share Christmas with or who will not be able to afford the many things that lots of us can.

There are plenty of things that we can do to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves. This may range from a friendly word or showing that we care in some way, perhaps by inviting people who are on their own around for a drink or even a meal, giving them a Christmas card or small present or donating to charities that help provide a hot meal for people who may not have one otherwise.

Also, if you are on your own this Christmas, and you don’t want to be (We know one or two people who are on their own but are happy to be) what about volunteering to help out at a soup-kitchen or similar? There is nothing that makes us feel better about our own situation than being in contact with those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Whatever you are planning to do this Christmas we wish you a peaceful and rewarding one.

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