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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Have you started your Christmas preparations yet?

I was wondering – have you started your Christmas preparations yet?  (If you do celebrate Christmas, that is, of course).  I have been reminded this last week of the popular Christmas song, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”.  So many households now have their Christmas trees and decorations up and some have had them up for a week or so.  A local Christmas tree supplier said that people were buying earlier this year.  They were a lot busier in November than usual.

Looking forward to Christmas

I have been considering the reasons for the above and I think it may be to do with people wanting to have something to look forward to after the challenges that this year has brought.  It is not surprising, if this is the case.  Many people have found this year tough and want to feel hopeful again if they have been struggling.

Focusing on the good

I am all about focusing on the good, and seeing the positives in a situation, and not dwelling on the negatives.  Although the festivities will be different this year, it has been said that restrictions will be lifted for a few days.  People will be able to see family members that they have not seen for a while.  Whilst some will choose not to visit too many different family members, others will do.  Many people feel that they just want to get back to ‘normality’ – the old normality, that is, and not the ‘new normality’ as we have heard it called.  We will all have our different views on this.

Hopeful for 2021

People will be hopeful that 2021 will prove to be a better year.  The latest announcement about the vaccine being released will be seen as promising for many people.  They see it as a solution to the current reality (although some people have opposing views).  Whatever your view, we can make things better for ourselves also.

The power to be happy

My slight concern is that people may think that when the bell strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, everything will change for the better.  I would like people to realise that you have the power to be happy, so why not choose happiness now, rather than wait for the new year?  You may ask what I mean by this?  I mean that it is not what is happening to us that creates our happiness, but how we respond to it.  Remember that when you are struggling.  Although it is sometimes easier to blame the situation, ultimately we have the power to make ourselves feel better.  Have a great Christmas, everybody!  Please contact me if you wish to find out more about your hidden power!

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