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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week

Reflecting on Mental Health awareness week

Are you aware that this week is Mental Health Awareness week?

This week is Mental Health Awareness week.  The subject of mental health has been in the news quite a lot recently due to the concerns around this arising from the pandemic.  I help my coaching clients realise that they can help themselves if they focus on what they can do rather than what they can’t do.  This can help with mental health also. ‘Mental Health Awareness week’ helps us to focus on this issue and perhaps learn something or more about the subject of mental health to help both ourselves and others.

Adapatability is key to help mental health …

No-one is saying that the recent year has been easy.  However, the people who have been able to adapt what they do have been the ones that have usually fared better, whether this has been in relation to work or their personal lives.  Some will have found this easier to do, it has to be said, due to their particular circumstances.

Accept the things that you cannot change to support your mental health …

A good approach to have is to learn that there are some things that we cannot change.  Those things we may need to adapt our response to them i.e. the pandemic.  When we are feeling stressed, we often feel that we have no control in our life, or in an area of our life.  Realising that we have control, in how we respond to a situation can help us feel more empowered in our lives.

Tips to help support you for Mental Health awareness week and beyond …

Eat well and learn to savour and not rush your food

Stay hydrated (one that I always have to remind myself about!)

Learn new things, whether they are just for fun or to achieve a qualification.

Help other people – there are always others worse off than yourself.

Get in touch with nature – there is nothing better for helping us switch off from our worries.

Pets are fantastic for making us smile and keeping us company.

Have structure in your life.  If you feel out of control a daily list may help you feel more focused (but don’t but too many things on it!)

Exercise will help you feel better as physical and mental health are very closely related.

Meditation and taking deep breaths can help you to get into the moment and just relax.  It can be done anywhere if you are feeling a little tense.

Catching up with people you care about and who care for you – remember it’s good to talk.  Although physical contact has been restricted in recent times you can still ring people or connect via other methods – it is not the same, but better than staying silent and not sharing things with those that matter.

Others things that you can do to help your mental health…

Remember to laugh!  Watch the comedy shows that make you laugh.  Avoid the news if it saddens you or at least reduce the amount of time you spend catching up with it.

Read a good book – another great way to switch off.

Make plans for when you can do more of the things that you  have not been able to do much lately.

Write a book – ever thought you would like to but not had the time?

Do a variety of different things in your day.  This will help your work/life balance and stop you getting bored.

Have a long soak in a bath perhaps with your favourite bath oil and candles.

Sometimes it is ok to do nothing and just be (this is a reminder to myself too!)

Take care folks and please contact someone if you need professional help … let’s support one another. Other posts I have written on mental health can be accessed here. You may also find it useful to check out the Mind website for information.

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