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Making it happen

Ideally, you will now realise that changing your life is up to you. You need to take responsibility for this change. However, due to that familiar negative self-talk you may be asking yourself just where do you start? We often find ourselves stuck in the patterns of life that we are familiar with (our comfort zone). Many people know what they need to do but they do not do anything about it, other than thinking about it! We may plan what we are going to do and know what we want to do but we never seem to get off the ground and start making the change happen. Well, no-one said that it was going to be easy, did they?

I have previously spoken about the benefits of setting goals and breaking your goals down. However, many people need to have regular support and accountability and you are the best person to identify what you need to help you progress. That could be the support of friends and family or it could be a group of like-minded people who get together and form an accountability group to work on their goals together.

If you are very self-motivated it could just be making sure that you write your goals down, break them down and review them regularly (ideally daily). Or you may wish to work with a coach who can help support you and keep you on track. Of course, progress towards your goals depends on you having the right goals in place in the first place. If you are struggling to meet your goals, are they the right goals for you? Are they goals that you are passionate about?

Are they goals that fit with your life’s purpose? If they are and you are still struggling it could be due to that negative thinking again. Perhaps you need to look at some sort of personal development to give you the confidence to work to and more importantly achieve your goals rather than self-sabotage? This is a common reason why people don’t achieve their goals. Change is hard! Please do get in touch if you need more help with this – and let me know how you go, on, as always, of course!

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