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Mindset Matters

To-day we thought that we would share our thoughts with you on ‘Mindset’ (the views you hold and whether they are fixed or not) We think that Mindset really matters and here is why: As an only child Julie Lightfoot was painfully shy and it is only in recent years that she has started to push herself more and more outside her comfort zone to help both herself and others.

She grew up in a time when adults ruled the roost and learnt respect for her parents and those in authority. However, she realises now that a lot of that was based around fear. She grew up with quite a fixed mind-set (set views). Her self-limiting beliefs included:

  • I am very shy.
  • I am not a very confident person.
  • I want people to like me.
  • I am frightened of the unknown.

These views, like most self-limiting beliefs, would have been instilled by her family, friends, teachers and others influential people from her past. However, most of all, they would have been reinforced by her! At the time, Julie didn’t do a lot of thinking about why she was the way she was. She just thought that that was who she was! Like many others at that time she did not realise that you can change your mind-set by re-training your brain. To do this you need to:

  • Work on eliminating those self-limiting beliefs
  • Have supportive people around you
  • Develop competence in one or more area (i.e. what you enjoy/are good at).
  • Follow a good personal development programme or educate yourself in this area.

If you are not happy with any part of your life, change it! You may think that that is easier said, than done! We must agree – it is not that easy! You need to make minor changes first, and then build on these changes. If you are struggling please give us a call.

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