More tips for building resilience in challenging times

I recently posted some tips about building resilience in challenging times. Check out other posts about resilience. Following on from this, I thought that I would share some more, especially as it is World Mental Health Day today.

It’s good to talk during challenging times

Tell the people around you how you feel, if you are having a bad day, and don’t bottle things up.   Rather than suffering in silence, if you need to talk to someone else, i.e. a friend or even a professional, please seek out that help. Doing so, is the first step towards making yourself feel better.

Have a laugh and become more resilient in challenging times

It is also good, in helping you to feel better to remember to smile and laugh – there are still things worth smiling and laughing about (honestly).

Do something different and overcome your challenges

If you feel that you are in a rut, try doing something different.  For example, take a new route for your walk if you always take the same route.

Exercise regularly to build up resilience

Take regular exercise to help you stay fit and healthy. Doing this, will help both your mental and physical health.

Develop a hobby or skill and become more resilient

Develop a hobby that you have always wanted to do or learn a new skill.

Get qualified – developing more skills will help you feel more confident

Take a qualification in a subject that interests you.

Learn a language

Learn a new language; this can either be just for fun or you could take this further if you wish to develop this interest into a qualification or a career.

Volunteer to help others during challenging times

Take up a voluntary job if you are furloughed or do not have a job.  As well as giving you something to focus on, voluntary jobs are great to include on your CV.

Write a blog or book

Have you ever thought about writing a blog/book? You could do this for your own personal satisfaction or you may wish to look at getting published in the future if you are serious about this.

Write an article for a local magazine or newspaper

I volunteer for Podio magazine which celebrates positivity in Preston – many local magazines and newspapers will be pleased to hear from you if you are able to contribute a suitable article.  Prior to doing this, you can always ask them about the types of articles that they are looking for.

I hope that you have benefitted from my tips for building resilience in challenging times. (Edited versions of this and my previous blog have appeared/will appear on the Podio website and on LinkedIn).

I have been trained in Mental Health Awareness and I am a Health and Wellbeing Coach; however, you may wish to speak to someone who is medically trained if you feel that you need extra support in this area.

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