Short and Focused Life Coaching sessions


Price is for 3 sessions

Clients often come to us for Life Coaching to get some support with decisions that they need to make, issues that they need to resolve or because they are experiencing negative thinking such as self-doubt or are feeling unconfident and they have a need to talk to someone about how they are feeling. It is important, however, for people to know that everyone can benefit from Life Coaching and that you do not need to have a particular problem to resolve! Sometimes it is just good to talk things through with someone external to your own friends and family and have someone listen to you and support you.

Many people, these days, do not want to commit to long coaching sessions so I have introduced these shorter and extremely focused Life Coaching Sessions for those people who have busy lives and who want quick results. Due to this, these sessions would normally not be done face-to-face but via Zoom or telephone.


By careful and focused questioning, the client will be encouraged to come up with their own action points to carry forward into their lives. Progress will be reviewed at subsequent sessions. It is important to remember that in this type of coaching it is client-led. The Coach believes that the Client is the best person to come up with the answers to their own dilemmas and the action points to go forward. It is not up to the Coach to tell the Client what to do. After all, the Client is the
expert when it comes to their own life!

The sessions are confidential and delivered on a one-to-one basis. They would normally be carried out via Zoom or telephone, depending on client preference.


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