Sum Sanos™ Fast Start (12 week programme)


This is a new programme designed for those who cannot currently commit to the 12-month programme.  It consists of 12 weekly sessions over a 3-month period.  It can be used for any Health and Wellbeing goals, but is particularly suited to Weight loss / Weight management.


Like the longer programme, it consists of supporting the client to achieve their weight-loss goals utilising habit-based intervention techniques so that not only behaviours, but habits too can be changed, and bad habits are replaced with good ones.  This means that the habits can be sustained once the programme has finished and weight-management and a healthy lifestyle become automatic rather than a conscious choice. Although the programme is primarily designed to help clients achieve their weight-loss goals it can be used for any health and wellbeing goals where the client wishes to change lifestyle habits into more healthy ones. This is a standalone programme; should clients wish so. However, they can decide to enrol on the longer course after completion.  So, if you are interested in Sum Sanos™ but are unable to commit to the longer course, please contact us (without any obligation) to find out more.


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