Sum Sanos™ 12 month programme

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Sum Sanos™ is a health and wellbeing programme, mainly focusing on weight management but which can be used for other aspects of health and wellbeing and not just weight-loss.

Sum Sanos™ is based on something called habit-based intervention – it supports you in replacing your bad habits with good habits and, as it is a 12-month programme the healthy habits that you develop are much more likely to become sustainable.  As it focuses on not only changing the behaviours but the habits, this means that you will not need to consciously think about doing these new behaviours over time – as they become automatic, just like brushing your teeth in a morning! With Sum Sanos™ you get to work one-to-one with a coach and get much more than a monthly coaching session.


With Sum Sanos™

       . You do not need to go on any special diets or count calories

       . You do not need to do any vigorous exercise routines

       . You have the benefit of a coach to support you through the programme – you work through your goals using a step-by-step approach

       . You have access to an app that helps you to think differently so you can more easily get out of your old habits.

       . You are given a personal study guide for you to complete and retain throughout the 12-month programme.

       . As it is all about changing habits, once you do manage to get into better habits, they will become automatic.  There is no reason why you cannot carry on with these good habits once the programme has finished.

       . The reason why New Year’s Resolutions often don’t work is that the changed behaviours are not sustained for long enough until they form habits.


1 review for Sum Sanos™ 12 month programme

  1. Rosemary

    Julie is an excellent coach, and I would highly recommend this course. At the end of twelve months, it was interesting to look back and see just how far I’d come and how much I had achieved. Huge thanks

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