YB12 Results Programme


The results programme is a 12-month goals programme delivered in a corporate environment
and based around an overarching company theme. Individuals follow a strategic plan
which will lead to self-development, team development and organisational development
resulting in the achievement of critical goals meaning more productivity, higher quality and
more harmonious working. They have the benefits of a coach working with them through
this 12-month period where they will focus on a different module each month and incorporate
the learning from it into the work they are doing following their strategic plan. As
well as the group presentation, the coach can have sessions with the individual to discuss
how their progress is contributing to strategic goals.

Price quoted based on a team of seven people.


12 month programme for businesses. Price quoted based on a team of seven people.

Subjects covered during the modules are goal setting, avoiding procrastination, achieving a balanced life, thoughts and words, stress management, etc. YB12 takes a holistic approach to achieve
corporate goals and believes that by having a workforce made up of staff that pull together and support one another, while at the same time taking individual responsibility towards their contribution, success is more likely to be achieved. It believes that by having committed, happy and healthy staff who pull together, excellent results can be obtained.


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