YB12 Total Focus Programme


The total focus programme is a comprehensive programme incorporating two workshops and individual self-study. It consists of various learning methodologies resulting in a holistic approach based around client self-awareness and an introduction to robust strategies enabling the client to be able to correct imbalances in their lives allowing them to move forward to a more fulfilled future.

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The workshops delivered can be to groups of any size and the full programme takes 90 days.  There are exercises in self-awareness and identifying the right goals for you.  You will learn how to develop an action plan and break your goals down.  You will look at mind mastery where you will learn techniques to help you become more positive so that you can more easily achieve your goals, and you will look at ways of staying on track.  Accountability with other delegates following the workshops is instrumental in ensuring that the learning is consolidated; and that the new behaviours and ways of thinking are more likely to become habits that are sustainable going forward.  A long term benefit from the programme is more likely to be achieved due to this accountability. Many people comment on how useful this process is for helping them stay on track following the workshop attendance – something that many training courses do not provide.

Price quoted per person.


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