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Sometimes we have to take uncomfortable action 

Sometimes we have to take uncomfortable action

Sometimes we have to take uncomfortable action.  Of course, as a coach, I do know this.  Taking uncomfortable action is usually the thing that helps us to grow. I encourage my clients to take uncomfortable action in order that they can achieve more than they thought possible.  However, sometimes even coaches, like myself, have to take uncomfortable action in order to address things in their lives that need to change.  I have had to do that recently in regard to my business. 

Business changes 

I don’t know about you, but I am a completer.  This means that I like to see things through and do not give up on things very easily.  It is part of who I am and stems from my upbringing (as most things do).  I was always taught to work hard and stick at things.  However, sometimes, when things are not bringing you the results that you need, you have to look at doing things differently.  That is why I have decided to make some business changes, going forward.

Taking uncomfortable action – what is new 

A few months ago, I brought the following work into my business: 

Freelance work as a Tutor assessing HR qualifications.  This takes me back to the start of my career when I worked in HR but it combines my HR skills with my Learning and Development skills.  I had to get used to HR work again. Doing this assessment work was new and that meant taking uncomfortable action before it became easier for me. However, once we are more familiar with whatever it is, the process becomes easier when we try out something new.

At the time of writing, I am also considering different freelance work.  One of the benefits of this is that I don’t actually have to sell my services to clients, which is something that I have never enjoyed doing particularly in my business (the actual selling process). 

Taking uncomfortable action – what is going  

I have decided to end the regular Meetup group events that I deliver.  Although I love running these groups and the fact that many are joining the groups on the platform, it is the same regulars that attend my events.  I love this fact as my regulars are all great people!  However, in order for the events to run as part of my business I need to make a profit from them.  I have put a lot of time and effort into planning and organising and hosting these events, and unfortunately, it is not viable to continue with them.  The regulars who attend have sometimes gone on to be coaching clients and even friends.  I will stay in touch with these people which is what is important to me. 

Ladies who Lunch and Learn

I recently ended the first group that I started (and my favourite, between you and me).  That was my ‘Ladies who Lunch and Learn’ group which ended in February.  We have recently had International Women’s Day and I would like to thank all the amazing women that I have met that have come to these events. We have had some amazing speakers too – many of the women, but also a few men like the amazing Lateef Badat who has spoken at both my meetup groups several times.

Empowering You!

The second group to close was my ‘Empowering You!’ group.  This has been quite an ad hoc group where I have posted online events, networking events and coffee mornings.  I also ran free taster sessions within this group for my coaching programmes.  We had a final coffee morning on 11th March which my friend Karen organised.  Many thanks for your help with the groups Karen! In the future, Karen is going to be running regular social coffee mornings. I hope to attend as many as I can, subject to other commitments.

Food for Thought in Preston

The third of my Meetup groups to close is my ‘Food for Thought in Preston’ group.  This will close shortly after the event on 11th March where I have a speaker, John Gott, delivering important information on stroke awareness which is something we should all be aware of. I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and some new ones at this event.

Coming off the Meetup platform as an organiser

Whilst I feel sad about closing these groups sometimes you have to realise that it is time for a change. It is the time to focus on new things but keep the best parts of what has gone before.  I made many happy memories and I treasure the photos from the events. Running the events has given me lots of skills and knowledge that I can carry forward as transferable skills.

I am currently considering options about what events, if any, to put on going forward and how to advertise them. On reflection, I expect to list any future business events on the Eventbrite platform. I will also share them via social media.  I am also looking at possible collaborations going forward.

What is staying 

My true passion is for coaching individuals and small groups so that is still a service that I am going to be offering.  You may see me promote it less as I will be busy with day-to-day work but it will still be there as I really love helping people to turn their lives around.  This can be via receiving life coaching or by embarking on one of the amazing coaching programmes that I deliver.  I am also busy working on renewing my ACC coaching credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am looking forward to working with a professional Coach Mentor as part of this process.

You can still also access my pre-recorded course ‘You are enough’ via the website. From time to time, there will be special offers available to access this at a discounted price. 

My take-home message to you 

Sometimes you need to make difficult decisions in order to move forward.  This is part of the growth programme.  You can learn from past things and take the best parts with you and go on to develop even greater things.  Remember to aim onwards and upwards.  You deserve to achieve more so do not let anyone tell you that you don’t! 

Please see here for other help on this website to help you to take action in order to move forward and achieve more.

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