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Take Action to get Motivated – do it now!

Do you know that you need to take action to get motivated?

Do you need help with motivation? Do you realise that you need to take action to get motivated? I keep hearing from people, either in conversation or via posts on social media, about how people are really struggling with this at the current time. It is not surprising with the year that we have had, especially as many people have restricted support networks due to the current situation. We are also unable to do many of the things that we may like to do.

Motivation comes from within

I help people realise that motivation comes from within. I know that many people will find this surprising.  Some people may not agree with this. I do appreciate that some people seem naturally more motivated than others. However, there are things that we can all do to help our motivation. One of these is setting goals, which is something that I talk about a lot. When you set goals make sure that these goals are goals that you’re passionate about. If they can relate also to you being able to help other people too, as well as yourself, that is even better. It helps us to feel more motivated than we may do if we’re just doing something for ourselves.

Take action to get motivated

In order to start feeling more motivated, you need to actually start taking action. This is the opposite way round to what people believe happens.  However, you may have to ‘make’ yourself start the required actions towards your goals. Often it’s only when you start taking the actions that you will find the motivation to carry on.

What you need to do to switch on that motivation

If you’re expecting motivation to be there before you start taking the required actions, you may find yourself waiting for a long time. An example of this is that you may wish to start going out for a daily walk. The weather may be cold and/or wet, so you do not start. However, if you ‘make’ yourself go out and you dress appropriately and choose where you go to accordingly to the weather, you will start to feel the benefits of the fresh air and exercise, if this becomes part of your daily routine, it will become a habit, and you will start to do it without even thinking about it too much.  Start out by ‘making’ yourself do something repeatedly towards your goal. Tell me if this works and helps you with your motivation.

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