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The Power of Coaching

The Power of Coaching

What do I mean when I talk about the power of coaching?  Well, one of the things that I like about coaching is that it can enable us to think differently about our lives.  For example, at one time I would blame other things, people or a situation for my lack of action around something.  I wasn’t aware that that was a form of procrastination as I really believed my thoughts to be true.  Is this something that you believe yourself?

Our thoughts are not real

When I first undertook training to become a coach over 7 years ago now, I was amazed when someone (a senior coach) said that our thoughts are not real.  I had never heard that concept before.  It was really a light-bulb moment for me, when I realised that I had been holding myself back, in so many ways, due to negative thinking and self-doubt.  That is what coaching can do for you.  It can encourage you to see things differently and question your thinking (in a positive way).

Becoming empowered

Having the above realisation made me want to help my clients appreciate this truth a lot earlier than I did.  Once you realise that you are responsible for your own world, due to your reactions to everything in your life, and you accept this responsibility, you can start to feel really empowered.  The sad thing is that some people never learn this lesson.  It could be that no-one has pointed it out to them, or they choose not to listen as they like to blame situations, things and other people for their life.

A renewed sense of awareness and power

As a keen student of life-long learning the above light-bulb moment really gave me a renewed sense of awareness about how much we are responsible for our own destiny and how much easier life can be once we accept this fact.  However, so many people choose to ignore this, see themselves as victims, and relinquish their power.

Have you ever had a light-bulb moment yourself that has changed how you think about life?  If so, what was the outcome of this?

(This website blog was adapted from a LinkedIn post that I published today. You can find out more about what coaching I deliver and more on coaching here.

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