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Time and balance

Time and balance – have we got it right?

I have been thinking about time and about achieving balance in our lives. I think that we need to look at making the most of time.  Sometimes we take it for granted. It is only when something happens in our lives that it makes us see the value of spending time wisely. That event could be having another birthday, going through bereavement or another important stage in our lives. These events may make us appreciate what has happened before. They may also help us to look forward to our future plans, for example, when getting a new job which is another important stage in our lives.

Balance helps us make the most of life

I also think that we need to have balance in our lives to make the most of time.  If we focus on one thing, i.e. work, and neglect other areas of our life (especially for too long) there will often be consequences.  It is important to keep balance in our lives as much as we can.  This is not always possible at times, of course as we may need to focus more on particular areas of our lives sometimes.  However, it is good to review the balance regularly and see if we can do anything about areas that are taking up much of our time, causing us to neglect others.  For example, delegating some work if you can if you have too much to do, or asking if a family or friend can help if it relates to a personal circumstance.

A useful tool to help with managing time and achieving balance

A useful tool to help you review the current balance that you have in your life is the Wheel of Life.  There are various versions, including the one that is already on my website – see here: Wheel of Life and More information.

This helps you assess how balanced your life is currently. It will help you determine which areas need your attention if there are some that you are neglecting.

As mentioned, there will be times in your life when you have to focus on particular areas of your life. What is not healthy is constantly neglecting particular areas of your life that are important to your wellbeing. That could be in relation to self-care, general health and wellness, family, etc.

Doing a three-monthly review, at least, using the Wheel of life can help you map your progress. It can help you make sure that your attention is directed to the areas that you have neglected if needs be.

Not surprisingly, many coaches use a version of the Wheel of life to help their clients. It enables the client to review their life and start to look at areas where change is required.  It is good to set goals to achieve those changes and review the goals regularly to ensure progress.  The Wheel of life is something that is used in many of the programmes that I deliver. It is utilised regularly in those from Life in Balance, as you can imagine!

Now, over to you!

Do you regularly review the balance in your life to ensure it remains as healthy as it can be? If not, you may start feeling out of kilter.  Please feel free to get in touch if you need help in this area.  I do a free taster session to help you move forward in your life to achieve the life of your dreams.

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