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Tips for building resilience in challenging times

I thought that I would share 10 tips with you for building your resilience when you are living in particularly challenging times. It has been a difficult year for many and it is no wonder that many of us need to work on building resilience at this particular time.

Turn off the news

Turn off the news – whilst you need to keep on top of the current requirements regarding Covid-19 measures you do not need to watch or listen to the news constantly.  It will only make you feel that nothing else is happening in the world now.

Watch feel-good programmes

Watch things that make you feel good on the TV, i.e. comedy shoes, soaps, happy films, anything that helps you switch off from reality.

Stay in touch during difficult times

If you live alone it is important to stay in touch with the people that you normally help and support you, even though you may not be able to meet up with them in person at the moment.

Help others in challenging times

If you find yourself dwelling on how you are feeling, think about how you can help people who are worse off than yourself.  This will help you gain a sense of perspective.


Try relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, deep breathing techniques, etc.

Eat well to build your resilience

Eat well.  Plan and prepare your meals in advance and try having natural ingredients when you can.

Stay hydrated

Keep hydrated by drinking enough water, as if you are dehydrated, this can make you feel lethargic and tired.

Avoid excess to build your resilience

Don’t eat or drink (alcohol) to excess – you will only suffer for this later.

Be grateful – even in difficult times

Practice gratitude – get a diary or notebook and write three things a day in it that you feel grateful for.

Use Affirmations

Practice Affirmations to make you feel better about yourself.  For example, “I am happy and confident”.

I hope that you have benefitted from reading my 10 tips for building resilience in challenging times.

More help for building your resilience during challenging times

I will be back with a further 10 tips for building your resilience soon. You may also wish to click this link for other articles on resilience from my website. Finally, here is a link to the Mind Website which you may wish to check out.

Please note, that I am not medically trained. Therefore, if you do need more in-depth help with your mental health you may wish to speak to a professional.

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