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You are good enough!

You are good enough!  Yes, you!

You are good enough! Do you really believe that? Many people are filled with self-doubt and lack self-belief. I am currently doing an online course for business women and it is so inspiring.  Even coaches themselves need a bit of inspiration themselves at times!  One of the things, that has been a common factor amongst many of the ladies attending the course is that, even though they are business women, and some quite successful already, many have lots of self-doubt and negative thoughts, particularly around their businesses – often in relation to charging their worth and many feeling that they are not good enough (imposter syndrome).  I think that women in general (although not exclusively women) often undervalue themselves and what they can achieve. Due to this, many will not go on to achieve their full potential due to this self-doubt.

Find your inspiration

Inspiration can come in many forms.  It can come from family and friends, nature, work colleagues and may come from a combination of places.  Often inspiration comes from great leaders who resonate with us in some way.  I am passionate about helping others with self-belief, self-confidence and moving forward in their lives and I have recently found great inspiration from the female entrepreneur, Claire MacPherson, whose programme I am doing. She is extremely successful at what she does and delivers her wisdom in an accessible format (via Facebook and Zoom) for her soul clients (as she calls them) – people she connects with at a deeper level than others. If you are struggling to find inspiration I would suggest that you try to find someone who can inspire you. 

Turn inspiration into action

Of course, once you have got the inspiration, you should be feeling really motivated. However, it is then up to you to turn that motivation into action and take the small steps to start changing your life so that you can start to work towards achieving your dreams.  It is often at this stage that people fail and that the procrastination and self-doubt may kick in again.  Often this may cause self-sabotage if it is not addressed. Of course, there are things that you can do to help you address this negative self-talk or ‘mind monkeys’ as the negative thoughts are sometimes referred to.  Here are some suggestions below:

  • Find inspiration, as mentioned above and try to connect with the inspiration regularly whether it is a person, nature, book, etc.
  • Practice affirmations on a regular basis to help you reduce/eliminate negative thinking.
  • Visualise yourself as a more successful version of you.
  • Get support from like-minded people (people who may be working on their own aspirations too).
  • Take small steps every day to achieve your goals and, once you do achieve the small steps, reward yourself.
  • Read positive quotes and then keep the ones that resonate with yourself.
  • Subscribe by clicking on this link to get access to my guide supplying you with 14 useful tips to tame your mind monkeys.
  • Join my Facebook group ‘Taming Mind Monkeys’ to get daily inspiration.
  • Remember that what you do does not need to be perfect; you just have to make a start.  With this in mind, why not start today? After all, there is no time like the present!

As always, I love receiving your tips too.  Let me know what helps you tame your own mind monkeys.

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